Foilage Artistry ✋ (Jackson, MI.)

Divinity Design Studio Jackson, MI

Mar 8, 2021

7:00 am
10:00 am
Please join us for a Foilage Artistry (hands on) class with National Educator for Jack Winn Pro, Rex Paxton.Please join us for a Foilage Artistry ✋ (hands on) class with National Educator for Jack Winn Pro, Rex Paxton. He will be showing the latest techniques with two of the best products on the market, Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Lightener. These revolutionary lighteners will lift seven to nine levels. Jack Winn created the ultimate color line to create amazing results for your clients. He'll show you how you can boost your business and use better products during this hands on experience. Stylists around the country are saying our lighteners are the best they have ever used. You must bring a live model.   Class fee includes Brilliant Lightener ($25.00) and a 20 volume developer ($7.95) and a Jack Winn Pro Family Pack Brush Set ($8.99).  Preference would be to bring a live model versus a mannequin. You could have a fellow associate be your model and split the class cost. Limit 6 tickets sold. Hosted by Michelle Rae.
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ROOTED FOILAYGE Zone 1: Envelop 4.00 with 10 VOL Bond Creator Activator. Zone 1-2 Glaze: Restore 9.17 with 10 VOL Bond Creator Activator. Zone 2-3: Brilliant Diamond & Brilliant Paint with 20 VOL Bond Creator Activator. Zone 2.5-3 Glaze: Restore 10.2 and 6.1 with 10 VOL Bond Creator Activator.

Rocking your Shadow Root! Jack Winn Color Shadow Root at Zone 1 Restore 9.17 (.5 oz) + 1.11 (.1 oz) 3 Vol Zone 2 and 3 Restore 10.2 (.7 oz ) + pea size of 1.11 3 Vol

Join Rex on Facebook Live at 7pm CST.

Great class at my home salon in Rogers, AR. Unicorn 🦄! Jack Winn Pro Brilliant Paint with 30 Volume Jack Winn Pro Lumigloss Frost to even out the porosity. Jack Winn Pro Restore 9.12 with 3 Volume Zone 1-3. We learned: Balayage Technique. Timing. Partings. Sections. The REX Push. Proper toning. How to calculate Cost of Services to then know your Profit. Worth vs Value. What is your hourly rate? How and when to increase your service menu? Hope to see you all at a class soon! Salons: @b.lushsalon Color: @jackwinnpro Color Tools: @framar Styling: @oribe Styling Tools: @ergostylingtools

..........Salons:@b.lushsalon@chrischase.salonColor:@jackwinnproColor Tools:@framarStyling:@oribeStyling Tools:@ergostylingtools